We Are The World Leader In Robotic Tank Inspection.

01 Safer

Our robots do all the work – we remove people from dangerous places.

02 Better

We cover over 90% of the floor with industry leading inspection techniques.

03 Affordable

Low logistics means you pay less – a typical 100’ tank floor inspection takes less than three days.

Our internal in-service robotic aboveground storage tank inspections place you in control of your asset integrity program, by virtually eliminating the time, costs, and HSE risks typically associated with permitting, preparing, and taking aboveground storage tanks out of service for traditional out-of-service internal inspections.

This means your most critical assets stay highly utilized while reducing your environmental footprint and keeping personnel out of harm’s way.

Our clients come from across the energy value chain including refining, chemical, midstream, aviation, power, and municipal fuel and water markets.


In-Service Robotics Change the Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance Cycle

Defer the cost and risk associated with your inspection, repair, and maintenance cycle. Traditional aboveground storage tank inspection processes require you to start by taking your tank out of service and committing significant time, money, and HSE risk UP FRONT to support a lengthy and potentially unnecessary Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance cycle. Our In-Service Robotic inspection process fully complies with API 653 requirements and provides you with the quality data and tank floor coverage to make fully informed decisions on repairs, and your preventative and deferred maintenance needs. All without the time, money, and HSE risk required to take the tank out of service and prepare for inspection.

Exceeds API 653 Inspection Compliance Requirements

Our non destructive Phased Array Ultrasonic Tank Bottom Inspection  fully complies with API 653 standards while also providing valuable visual inspection of your tank internals and stored product.

HSE Benefits

With our in-service robotic inspections there is no need to prepare the tank bottom or put people inside the tank and in harm’s way, virtually removing all HSE risks.

No Waste and No Emissions

We eliminate the wastes and VOC emissions typically associated with preparing a tank for a traditional out-of-service inspection.

90% Tank Bottom Coverage

We consistently and accurately measure tank bottom thickness with up to 90% bottom coverage including the critical zone, giving you an unparalleled understanding of the condition of your most critical assets.

Low Logistics

Our mobilization requirements are minimal, requiring only 2 or 3 fully trained technicians onsite and operating from our small trailer.

C1D2 Certified

All of our Robots are C1D2 certified and safely operate in high flash point liquids including water, diesel, jet fuel, kerosene, and a variety of chemicals.

Why you should trust VERITANK

With help from industry partners, we have assembled an experienced team of qualified tank inspection professionals. Our processes have been closely scrutinized and vetted to assure you that every procedure is documented and safe.

VERITANK has partnered with industry leading NDT providers allowing us to integrate best in class sensors into our robots.