Have you ever wondered what it looks like in your tank?

Last week, we performed an in-service inspection of a 60’ tank in under 8 hours using our Phased Array UT payload on the Square Robot SR1B robot. The product in the tank during this inspection was Isononyl Alcohol (INA). During this inspection, we also captured the above image of a tank’s annular ring using the hi-res cameras mounted on the robot. This incredibly clear and close-up image of the tank’s annular ring, often called the critical zone, was gathered 2mm from the tank’s shell, while our robot was performing a Phased Array UT scan. 

We are thrilled by the quality of this visual data and the completion of another successful tank inspection. But most of all, we are thrilled that we are able to help our customers better understand the condition of their most vital assets.

Please reach out with any questions and to learn more about our robotic inspection services.

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