Learn About Our Unique Approach to Tank Bottom Settlement Surveys

Did you know that our robotic tank inspection platform is uniquely able to simultaneously perform an API 653 In-Service Tank Bottom Inspection and an In-Service Tank Bottom Settlement Survey under full load conditions while in your tank?

Recently, a client came to us with an urgent need to understand their tank bottom and edge settlement conditions after their tank shell showed signs of buckling. Before spending significant money to secure temporary storage, deinventory, and take the tank out of service, our client wanted to better understand the condition of their tank to facilitate their decision-making process.  

Our ability to perform precise and comprehensive tank bottom elevation and settlement inspections of a tank while it remains in-service made us the ideal choice to meet their needs. Our simple and safe methodology uniquely provides the highest level of floor coverage and measurement accuracy under fully loaded tank conditions; all while keeping personnel out of harm’s way.     

For this client, we deployed our in-service inspection robot into the diesel-filled tank and gathered tank bottom settlement data with over 90% internal bottom coverage. After analyzing and sharing the resulting data with the client, they were able to understand the extent of their tank bottom settlement and make a proactive, informed engineering decision on how to address their tank integrity concerns rather than reacting to partial and incomplete information. For this particular client that meant reduced unplanned downtime and potentially millions in savings. 

Reach out to learn how our In-Service Tank Bottom Settlement Survey can help you safely and efficiently achieve your API 653 compliance requirements and gain a valuable and unique understanding of your tank bottom and edge settlement under full load.

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