Robotic In-Service Inspection or Exceptional Coverage? Why Not Both?

You are not going to believe the incredible coverage we collected on a recent in-service robotic inspection using a Phased Array UT (PAUT) payload that meets API 653 standards.  We successfully scanned over 88% of the tank bottom, providing our client with comprehensive and precise data on the interior condition of their aboveground storage tank, without taking the tank out of service and eliminating the need for confined space entry. 

This PAUT coverage map summarizes one of the many vital pieces of information collected during our in-service inspection process and is provided to our clients in a resulting report. To learn more about all of the incredible data we can provide our clients, be sure to check out the Veritank sample API 653 report that we plan to release next week. Stay tuned!

Please reach out with any questions and to learn more about our robotic inspection services.

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