In-Service Tank Bottom NDT Inspections

Our inspection services can provide tank bottom remaining wall thickness measurements with up to 95% coverage. We can mobilize, fully scan and demobilize on a 100’ diameter tank in less than three 10-hour days.

In-Service Internal Tank Visual Inspections

We provide detailed internal visual inspections for product quality, existence of sludge and sediment, and condition of internal coatings. And given that our robot swims, we can provide visual coverage of the tank walls in addition to the bottom.

Supplement Risk Based Inspection (RBI) and
Similar Service Assessment Programs

We provide valuable data to supplement and support likelihood factors for RBI assessments along with supporting Similar Service assessments.

Support Pre-Planning of Out-of-Service Tank Repairs and Maintenance

We provide a better understanding of the condition of the tank bottom prior to taking the tank out of service so you can better predict scope, cost and scheduling for tank maintenance cycles.

Support Tank Bottom Corrosion Monitoring and Growth Studies

We provide inspection data which can be used to predict and track corrosion trends throughout the life of a tank bottom. Additionally this data can be used to monitor high risk / high corrosion
rate tanks.